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Puppet talk about transport

On Tuesday the preschoolers learned about transport, about what it is and the different modes of getting around. Transport was defined as 'The ways we get from one place to another'. We looked at different pictures of types of transport, such as planes, bikes, cars, walking etc. The puppet, Peter Platypus, told the children

Last week at Amigoss Preschool…

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All about Autumn!!! The preschoolers  sorted some autumn leaves by size and colour, they learned how to place a leaf under a piece of paper and shade over the top to make the leaf impression, and they cut and glued brown paper and printed their hand prints in yellow, orange, red and brown to

Excursion to the Glebe public School for an activity

Dear Parents, We have been invited to attend to an activity in the Gleble public School on Wednesday the 24th of May . This activity is only for children that will attend school next year. Please, find the consent form following this link: excursion consent form In it you will find some information about the purpose

  • anzac day at Amigoss Preschool

ANZAC Day at Amigoss Preschool

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Jenny Wood On Monday, the preschool children talked about war and the meaning of ANZAC day. We talked about the lifestyle the soldiers had to withstand, and the poor quality of the food. We also talked about all the people who helped during the war, by sewing clothes, transporting medicine and baking ANZAC biscuits -

Pre-schoolers´ week at Amigoss Preschool

By Miss Jenny Drawing insects As we had been talking about insects, on Monday we went on a bug hunt to see what creepy crawlies live in our playground. The pre-schoolers hunted for insects, and then had to remember what they found before drawing a picture of their insects. Sticker art On Wednesday, the pre-schoolers

Lunchbox Project

Thank you for taking part in our Lunchbox Project. The preschoolers have really enjoyed learning to make their own afternoon tea, and they have grown in their independence. As of 4/12/16, we will no longer need the lunchboxes, and will resume afternoon tea made by Asrini.

Lines, shapes and art in the preschool room

On Monday we talked about artists and how they create art. We talked about line art, and how one colour should go in each section. The children then practiced this idea on some sheets of lines that Miss Jenny had created. This helps them to separate the colours and to learn about this process of

Lunch Boxes for the preschoolers

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A note from Miss Jenny for the preschool room: As part of the preschool program, I am encouraging the children to make a sandwich (ham, cheese, vegemite, jam, etc, that will be provided by the centre) to put in a lunch box for afternoon tea. Please remember to bring a lunch box for your child

Science Show for preschoolers

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On Tuesday, the 8th of November our preschoolers will enjoy this workshop about science and experiments! Station-based science activities that work! Early learner science incursion visits for children aged 3 to 5 years. The preschoolers will have a blast as they investigate energy and use their senses to discover how the science activities and toys operate. Science

Nutrition Week at Amigoss

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At Amigoss we have celebrated Australian Nutrition Week! Do you want to know what we have learnt? The children made fruit salad, they cut the pieces of fruit and put them in a bowl. We then had our delicious fruit salad after our lunch Making healthy food teaches children about foods that are good for

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