• Child Care Subsidy

Centrelink Child Care Assessment

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Dear families You need to do a Centrelink Child Care Assessment now if you have not already You can do your assessment through myGov using your Centrelink online account. Or, through the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app. This is important because if you don’t do your assessment, your child care fee assistance may be disrupted and/or you

Arrival and Departure symbolic fee

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Dear families, As you already know It is essential on arrival that all Children are signed IN by a parent or responsible adult. This also assists Educators/Staff in the event of evacuation of the Education and Care Service. This is the Parent/Guardian’s or Authorised Nominee’s responsibility.  It is also compulsory on departure that all children are signed OUT by a Parent/Guardian or

  • Rest and Sleep Procedures

Rest and Sleep Procedure Policy

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Dear families and staff, At Amigoss we understand that our policies and procedures have a direct effect upon children, educators, family and the community. We really appreciate your help in ensuring that they are aligned with the specific requirements of our families and local community. Your ideas and suggestions are always a great value to us, and

Communication to families.- Fee Increase

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Dear families, Amigoss Preschool has not increased its fees since January 2016, but in order to maintain the quality in our services, the rates will slightly increase in October 2017. Amigoss is a proud community cooperative, a not for profit organization run by volunteer members of the Spanish Speaking Community that want to offer the

¿Hablas español? Advantages of language exposure from a young age Workshop

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On the 27th of July we organised a workshop for the families regarding Bilingualism and Multilingualism. Paola Escudero, Alba Tuninetti, Karen Mulak, and Nicole Traynor were in charge of the workshop. They are researchers at the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, based at Western Sydney University. They also work within the ARC Centre of Excellence for the

Assessment Visit

Dear families and Staff, Following the email sent on the 31st of May, I am writing to let you know that the assessment and rating will occur next Wednesday 21 June 2017. This means that an authorized officer will visit our centre in that day to assess the service. Please, click on the following links for

  • Parents Meeting Amigoss Preschool

Parents Meeting Presentation 10/05/2017

Dear families, Thank you so much for coming to the meeting that we held last Wednesday, and for your support. Here we attached the presentation: Parents-meeting-May-2017 with notes Thank you again for your support and feedback.

Notice of The University of Sydney

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PARTICIPATE IN RESEARCH. We need your help The Children´s Cardiovascular Health Study We are developing a simple method to measure aortic blood pressure in children to help identify early risk of adult heart disease. We are seeking volunteers aged 2-20 yrs to take part in our study. If you would like to participate or would

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