Water pollution and filtering activity, Sustainability Month at Amigoss Preschool!

On Thursday, we talked about the importance of the water, we asked children if they could remember the experiences that we organised last week about condensation and water circle, and  listened  to their voices explaining why the water is important. Then, we went outside, and we explored the basics of water pollution and water filtration.

Last week at Amigoss Preschool…

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All about Autumn!!! The preschoolers  sorted some autumn leaves by size and colour, they learned how to place a leaf under a piece of paper and shade over the top to make the leaf impression, and they cut and glued brown paper and printed their hand prints in yellow, orange, red and brown to

Rainbow and Nature activity

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Today the preschoolers read a book in English and Spanish about a magic rainbow. Then they made their own rainbow with flower petals of different colours, leaves and other plants. First, they made the shape with a pencil and then they glued the petals and the leaves, following the pattern of the rainbow. It looked

Pre-schoolers´ week at Amigoss Preschool

By Miss Jenny Drawing insects As we had been talking about insects, on Monday we went on a bug hunt to see what creepy crawlies live in our playground. The pre-schoolers hunted for insects, and then had to remember what they found before drawing a picture of their insects. Sticker art On Wednesday, the pre-schoolers

Nutrition Week at Amigoss

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At Amigoss we have celebrated Australian Nutrition Week! Do you want to know what we have learnt? The children made fruit salad, they cut the pieces of fruit and put them in a bowl. We then had our delicious fruit salad after our lunch Making healthy food teaches children about foods that are good for

Watering the plants in the garden

The weather is warmer now and we can see how our plants are growing and growing! As part of the routine, the children will water the plants. They just love it! The educators make advantage of this interest and talk to them about how the plants grow, the herbs that we can eat, the names

Sustainability at Amigoss Preschool

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Amigoss Preschool offers a range of experiences for children designed to understand sustainability. Do you know our goals for 2016? Aiming to reduce waste. Purchasing eco-friendly or ‘green’ products. Making efficient use of existing resources. Reducing energy or water consumption by 10 per cent. Reducing food waste. Learning more about gardening with our children Sustainability

Science, Nature and Feature Creatures Show!

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This week the preschoolers have been looking at bugs, which was made even more exciting by the Feature Creature Show on Monday! We have been reading many stories about insects, lizards and snakes, doing threading activities with caterpillar outlines, drawing bugs, looking at plastic insects through magnifying glasses, making patterns with pictures of

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