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  • Ice painting activity for kids

Ice Painting

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Last Friday was a very hot day, so our toddlers painted with iced paint. They got a bit messy experimenting with the new technique, and they created amazing Abstract Art! They demonstrated curiosity for the change of temperature painting their hands. They were very expressive and creative! Do you want to replicate this activity at

Nature´s Mosaics. Art-Therapy Session for Preschoolers

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On Tuesday, the 13th of June at 1pm the preschoolers will have an art-therapy session! Parent are welcome to join us! During this art-therapy session the children will work on individual artworks created from recycled materials and natural elements such as wooden branches of different sizes, seeds, leaves or pebbles. Put together with the support

What we did last week at Amigosss!! It is sustainability month!

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On Wednesday, the preschoolers took part in a water sanitation experiment. They worked together to make some clean water dirty, by adding sand, soil, paper, plastic, metal (pieces of glitter) and oil. They talked about the effects of dirty water and rubbish that doesn't get put in bins, and then they tried to clean the

Sustainability month at Amigoss Preschool!

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Amigoss Preschool offers a range of experiences for children designed to understand sustainability. Do you know our goals for 2017? Aiming to reduce waste. Purchasing more eco-friendly or ‘green’ products. Making efficient use of existing resources. Reducing energy or water consumption by 10 per cent. Reducing food waste. Learning more about gardening with our children Sustainability

Last week at Amigoss Preschool…

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All about Autumn!!! The preschoolers  sorted some autumn leaves by size and colour, they learned how to place a leaf under a piece of paper and shade over the top to make the leaf impression, and they cut and glued brown paper and printed their hand prints in yellow, orange, red and brown to

Painting with natural brushes

At Amigoss we love sustainability. The preschoolers did some painting last week with natural brushes made by our student teacher, Belén. They really enjoyed the textures of the brushes and the patterns they made on the paper. How to make the natural brushes? Collect up some twigs. Create a small bunch with the busiest part

The benefits of making your own playdough and Amigoss Recipe

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Children like playing with playdough, they love to mold it, and create beautiful designs. Playdough helps developing fine motor skills of toddlers, and helps them to learn how to hold pens or pencils. At the same time, playdough can help developing cognitive and social skills, when educators and parents encourage children to share their thoughts

Our Week at Amigoss: Plants, herbs, colours, shades, memory games and more

Monday We played a group game of memory. The children have played this game in a different form on other occasions, however,  this time they were required to wait longer between turns, to focus more fully and to try and remember where each card was for a longer period of time. The preschoolers enjoyed the

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