At ASG we support parents to plan for their children’s education. We offer a wide range of online tools, resources and guides to assist parents in their children’s education journey while, at the same time, helping to offset the costs of education.

Whether you plan to send your child to a private, government or systemic school, education costs can add up quickly. Education is one of life’s major investments. In some instances it’s an even bigger investment than the family home. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the cost of education has risen by more than double the rate of inflation during the past 10 years.

School fees are only one component of total education costs. Parents need to factor in costs such as uniforms, school books and stationery, school excursions, and extra-curricular activities.

We have a long and proud heritage of helping our members and their children to realise their education aspirations. More than 515,000 Australian and New Zealand children have been enrolled with ASG and more than $2 billion in education benefits have been returned to our members and their children. Now we’d like to help you too.
Why choose ASG?

  • We are a member owned organisation, which means profits are returned to our members and their children.
  • Choose from a versatile or disciplined approach to saving, with attractive tax benefits.
  • We’re dedicated to supporting parents to give their children the best education possible.
  • Access to a range of education and parenting resources to support you and your child. For example, information on how to motivate your child to learn, tactics for building resilience in your child and tips on how to tackle cyber bullying.

We’re here to support every parent in their child’s education journey


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