Dear families,

We would like to inform you that we have organised the following emergency evacuation drills next week:

Monday, the 8th of May at 2:30 pm

Stranger Danger

A man has entered the premises and asking for a child that is not in care at this service. It is currently rest time for the children

Wednesday, the 10 th of May at 10:30 am

Nearby Fire

There has been extreme heat recently. There is a bush fire reported close by and the centre needs to be evacuated.

If not in a bush fire area, use a nearby building.

Friday, the 12th of May at 11 am

Fire in the entrance 

The Emergency Folder is available for you at Maria´s office. This folder contains emergency and evacuation policies and procedures, forms and some information about managing emergency situations in education and care services.

Please find the following policies and procedures attached for your information:

Amigoss Preschool – EVAC – final

Amigoss.- Emergency and Evacuation Procedures Policy 2017


Amigoss.- Lock Down Policy 2017


We want you to be familiar with the emergency  policies and procedures. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.