1. Join a Spanish Playgroup.

There are several Spanish playgroups in Sydney, for example:

Tateti Spanish Playgroup runs every Friday afternoon at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre.

Hispanitos Playgroup has been providing a space for mothers with young children to meet weekly since 2003.

Bondi Beach Playgroups. The Wairoa Avenue centre runs 2 playgroup sessions Monday and Friday with a specialist Spanish speaking session once a week.

  1. Employ a Spanish Speaker babysitter.

Increase the exposure to the Spanish language having a Spanish babysitter.

  1. Seek out educational websites.

There are many free online Spanish teaching resources for kids.

Read this post for more information: http://amigoss.com.au/5-useful-spanish-learning-websites-for-kids/


  1. Wath Spanish TV Shows

TV Shows can be very useful, by increasing your child’s language abilities:

·         Kids can get used to the sounds and rhythms of the Spanish language.

·         It helps to consolidate language that they have been learning at Amigoss.

·         It increases their exposure to the language.

·         It helps to create a Spanish environment at home.

Read this post for more information: http://amigoss.com.au/5-great-tv-shows-for-learning-spanish/

La ratita Presumida


  1. Come to Amigoss every day!

At Amigoss we provide a rich environment in which children can acquire a second language (Spanish) by experimenting and participating in meaningful activities for them:

Dance and music: Children learn by connecting movement and language with fun!

Cooking: There is no better way to learn vocabulary related to food and well-being than experimenting the process yourself.

Theatre and drama techniques: Children learn vocabulary from traditional fairy tales and put them into action!

Experiments: Children learn about science and technology by experimenting with different materials that react in surprising ways.

Arts and crafts: Children learn about different artists and their techniques, and our walls show the creation of our own art gallery!