At Amigoss we organise a lot of activities for our children. Our Educators, students, and volunteers work very hard to create the perfect learning environment for children.

We love to share this knowledge with families and other educators, contributing to our community.

This week, Belén Tellez (Child Care Assistant) wants to share with us an activity called: Plating in egg shells. Do you want to know how to reproduce it?

Purpose of the experience: To encourage children to connect to their environment by providing them with a wide range of natural and recycled materials.

Resources to be used:

Egg shells, egg boxes, seeds, soil, water.

Plating in egg shells.

Description of the experience:

  1. Invite the children to sit down, and talk about the activity that you have organised for them.
  2. Encourage the children to do this activity by giving them some questions, for example, Who hasa garden at home?
  3. Show the children the material that you will use.
  4. Explain to the children how you will do this activity, how they have to carry the fragile egg shell, and how they have to put soil and seed inside them.
  5. Encourage the kids to take care of their egg shells every day.
  6. Label the egg shells, and the children are ready to start. Ask them to put the soil in the shells, then they should put some seeds in the shells, and count them.
  7. Tell them that the cress will grow in four days.

Plating in egg shells.

Step by step, How to plant the cress in the egg shells?

  1. Use an awl or wide sharp, and make a single hole on the egg shell. You are creating a drainage hole for the egg.
  2. Place the egg shells in the box, and spray gently with water.
  3. Add potting soil in the egg shell gently.
  4. Count and plant the seeds
  5. Water the soil.
  6. The project is done! Just wait for 4 days, and the cress will grow (Water the cress every day!)