Amigoss supports Lentil as Anything, King Street, Newtown who are another not for profit organization.

For the last 13 years this pay as you feel restaurant, where customers give what they feel the food is worth, have the opportunity to contribute towards a world where respect, generosity, trust, equality, freedom and kindness rule. They rely on the general public paying for meals so they can also provide free meals for the needy. They feed the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, underprivileged children etc and are completely run by volunteers.

This winter the Sydney branch are struggling to meet their costs and desperately need our help. If you are able to visit and pay for meals or make a donation on their website it would be hugely appreciated. (The average donation here for a meal is $5 but they need the average to be $15 to cover their costs). Or if you have the time you could join some of our volunteers. All information is on their website and social media pages.

Lentil As Anything